Overview of Variables Wave 1-6

Overview of Variables Wave 1-6ΒΆ

The table below shows an overview of the variable names in wave 1-6 as well as the questions they are linked to in each wave. A seperate overview for each wave can be found under Overview of Variables Wave 1, Overview of Variables Wave 2, Overview of Variables Wave 3, Overview of Variables Wave 4, and Overview of Variables Wave 5.

Overview of Variables Wave 1-6ΒΆ
Variable Type Topic Reference Period Other Than Survey Period Links Wave 1 Links Wave 2 Links Wave 3 Links Wave 4 Links Wave 5 Links Wave 6
l_2m_infected Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_acquaintance_infected Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_hospital_if_infect_self Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_quarantine Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_infected_and_pass_on Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
p_2m_infected int Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_acquaintance_infected int Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_hospital_if_infect_self int Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_infected_and_pass_on int Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
l_2m_hospital_healthy_30 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_die_healthy_30 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_hospital_healthy_75 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_die_healthy_75 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_hospital_healthy_5 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_die_healthy_5 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_hospital_preexist_30 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_die_preexist_30 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_hospital_preexist_75 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
l_2m_die_preexist_75 Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
avoid_busy_places bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
avoid_public_places bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
maintain_distance bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
adjust_school_work bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
quarantine_symptoms bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
quarantine_no_symptoms bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
no_avoidance_behaviors bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
effect_close_schools Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_close_sports Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_close_food_service Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_close_most_stores Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_forbid_hospital_visits Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_curfew_high_risk Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
effect_curfew_non_crucial Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”—          
comply_curfew_self category Compliance   πŸ”—          
approp_gov_medical Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
approp_gov_restrict_public_life Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
approp_gov_econ_mitigation Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
approp_gov_communication Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
trust_gov Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
work_status_202002 category Employment 202002 πŸ”— πŸ”—        
nr_children_below_12 Int Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_self_home bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_partner_home bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_older_siblings bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_grand_parents bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_other_relatives bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_share_neighbors bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_state bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_ex_partner bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_home_alone bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_other bool Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_other_str object Childcare   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
cc_emergency_helpful Ordered Categorical Childcare   πŸ”—          
cc_emergency_comment object Childcare   πŸ”—          
effect_mask Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_pray Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_wash_hands Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_doctor_ill Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_doctor_healthy Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_avoid_public_places Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_avoid_high_risk Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_avoid_hospital Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_avoid_gastro Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
effect_avoid_public_transp Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
contact_older_people Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
support_close_schools Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
support_close_cafes Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
support_close_most_shops Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
support_no_visitors Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—         πŸ”—
support_curfew_high_risk Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—         πŸ”—
support_curfew_non_crucial Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—         πŸ”—
duration_restrictions_general Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
comply_curfew_others Int compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_civic bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_fear_punished bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_protect_self bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_protect_close bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_protect_all bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_high_risk bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_other bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
comply_bc_other_str object Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_freedom bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_not_punish bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_unjustified bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_obligations bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_ineffective bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_unaffected bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_bored bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_other bool Compliance   πŸ”—          
disobey_bc_other_str object Compliance   πŸ”—          
hours_workplace_202002 int Employment 202002 πŸ”— πŸ”—        
hours_home_202002 int Employment 202002 πŸ”— πŸ”—        
hours_workplace int Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
hours_home int Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
hours_workplace_merge int Employment     πŸ”—        
hours_home_merge int Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_lessbusiness bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_infection_gov bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_infection_empl bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_care bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_fear_infection bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_sick bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_vacation bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_fired bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_other bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_not_work_other_str object Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_lessbusiness bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_infection_gov bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_infection_empl bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_care bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_fear_infection bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_sick bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_vacation bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_unrel_corona bool Employment     πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_other bool Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
empl_less_work_other_str object Employment   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_business bool Finances   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_infection_gov bool Finances     πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_infection_self bool Finances     πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_care bool Finances   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_closure bool Finances   πŸ”—          
selfempl_less_sick bool Finances     πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_vacation bool Finances     πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_unrel_corona bool Finances     πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_other bool Finances   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
selfempl_less_other_str object Finances   πŸ”— πŸ”—        
contact_young_people Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
pensioner_useful_skill category Health Beliefs   πŸ”—          
pensioner_prepared_to_help Ordered Categorical Behavior   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_save_more bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_postpone_purchase bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_postpone_house bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_reduce_housing bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_sell_shares bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_buy_shares bool Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_crisis_no_action bool Finances   πŸ”—          
eur_1k_basic_needs Int Finances   πŸ”—          
eur_1k_expenses Int Finances   πŸ”—          
eur_1k_durables Int Finances   πŸ”—          
eur_1k_savings Int Finances   πŸ”—          
eur_1k_support_others Int Finances   πŸ”—          
p_low_or_no_income Int Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_savings bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_loan bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_family bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_unemp bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_retire bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_soc_assist bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_other bool Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
low_inc_cope_other_str object Finances   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
nervous_7d Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
depressed_7d Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
calm_7d Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
gloomy_7d Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
happy_7d Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”—   πŸ”—      
concern_4w_bored Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_serious_ill Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_infect_others Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_loved_ill Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_unemp Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_company Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_new_job Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_food Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_health_care Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
concern_4w_fav_shop_bancrupt Ordered Categorical Mental Health   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—      
duration_econ_crisis Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_job_loss_employee Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_no_contracts_selfempl Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_reduction_pension Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_drop_in_assets Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_bank_bankrupt Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
l_12m_struggle_repay_debts Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
e_12m_house_prices_direction Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations   πŸ”—          
e_12m_house_prices_change Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations   πŸ”—          
intend_12m_spend_less Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_12m_work_more Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_12m_work_less Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_12m_borrow Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
intend_12m_postpone_house Ordered Categorical Finances   πŸ”—          
gov_action_approp Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
gov_action_insuff Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
save_banks Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
help_pension_funds Ordered Categorical Policies   πŸ”—          
p_2m_employee_keep int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_employee_keep_gov int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_employee_lost Int Employment   πŸ”—          
p_2m_employee_other int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_employee_new_job int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_2m_employee_unemployed int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
no_emergency_cc_note_drop bool skip   πŸ”—          
note_survey object Questionnaire   πŸ”—          
infection_diagnosed Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
infection_perceived Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs     πŸ”— πŸ”—      
is_smoking category Drugs     πŸ”—        
is_smoking_cigarettes bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
is_smoking_pipe bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
is_smoking_cigar bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
is_smoking_ecig bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
nr_cigarettes_day int Drugs     πŸ”—        
nr_pipe_day int Drugs     πŸ”—        
nr_cigar_day int Drugs     πŸ”—        
nr_ecig_day int Drugs     πŸ”—        
is_drinking_alcohol bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_amount Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_beer bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_beer_strong bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_liquor bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_sherry bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_wine bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_alcopop bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_other bool Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_other_1 object Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcohol_other_2 object Drugs     πŸ”—        
beer_glasses int Drugs     πŸ”—        
beer_hliter_glasses int Drugs     πŸ”—        
beer_hliter_bottles int Drugs     πŸ”—        
beer_bottles int Drugs     πŸ”—        
strong_beer_glasses int Drugs     πŸ”—        
strong_beer_hliter_glasses int Drugs     πŸ”—        
strong_beer_hliter_bottles int Drugs     πŸ”—        
strong_beer_bottles int Drugs     πŸ”—        
liquor_sort int Drugs     πŸ”—        
sherry_sort int Drugs     πŸ”—        
wine_sort int Drugs     πŸ”—        
alcopops_bottles int Drugs     πŸ”—        
other_sort1_amount int Drugs     πŸ”—        
other_sort2_amount int Drugs     πŸ”—        
took_soothing Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
took_soft_drugs Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
took_xtc Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
took_psychodelic Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
took_hard_drugs Ordered Categorical Drugs     πŸ”—        
freq_soothing int Drugs     πŸ”—        
freq_soft_drugs int Drugs     πŸ”—        
freq_xtc int Drugs     πŸ”—        
freq_psychodelic int Drugs     πŸ”—        
freq_hard_drugs int Drugs     πŸ”—        
feeling_emptiness Ordered Categorical Mental Health     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
enough_people_approach Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
enough_people_trust Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
enough_people_bond Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
miss_people_around Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
feel_let_down_often Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
n_contacts_personal int Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
n_contacts_distanced int Behavior     πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
change_contacts_personal Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—        
change_contacts_distanced Ordered Categorical Behavior     πŸ”—        
essential_worker bool Background     πŸ”—        
hh_income_202001 int Finances 202001   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
hh_income_202002 int Finances 202002   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
hh_income_202003 int Finances 202003   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
hh_income_202004 float Finances 202004       πŸ”—    
hh_income_202005 float Finances 202005       πŸ”— πŸ”—  
hh_income_202006 int Finances           πŸ”—  
hh_income_202007 int Finances           πŸ”—  
hh_income_202008 int Finances           πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2020_hh_income_202002 int Finances 202002   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
e_2021_hh_income_202002 int Finances 202002   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
e_2022_hh_income_202002 int Finances 202002   πŸ”—   πŸ”—    
e_2020_hh_income int Finances     πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2021_hh_income int Finances     πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2022_hh_income int Finances     πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2020_unemp_rate_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2021_unemp_rate_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2022_unemp_rate_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2020_unemp_rate Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2021_unemp_rate Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2022_unemp_rate Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2020_gdp_202002 category Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2021_gdp_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2022_gdp_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2020_gdp Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2021_gdp Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2022_gdp Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2020_infl_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2021_infl_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2022_infl_202002 Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations 202002   πŸ”—        
e_2020_infl Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2021_infl Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_2022_infl Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—     πŸ”— πŸ”—
bought_or_sold_stocks category Macro Expectations     πŸ”—        
amount_stocks_bought Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—        
amount_stocks_sold Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—        
amount_stocks_bought_merge Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—        
amount_stocks_sold_merge Ordered Categorical Macro Expectations     πŸ”—        
nervous_month Ordered Categorical Mental Health       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
depressed_month Ordered Categorical Mental Health       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
calm_month Ordered Categorical Mental Health       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
gloomy_month Ordered Categorical Mental Health       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
happy_month Ordered Categorical Mental Health       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
health_comparison_6m Ordered Categorical Health Beliefs       πŸ”—      
duration_restrictions_schools Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan       πŸ”—      
duration_restrictions_cafes Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan       πŸ”—      
duration_restrictions_holidays Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan       πŸ”—      
duration_restrictions_econ Ordered Categorical Expected Timespan       πŸ”—      
work_status category Employment       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
day_off_leisure Int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
day_off_childcare Int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
day_off_other Int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
day_off_sick Int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
day_off_official Int Employment       πŸ”—      
work_perc_home int Employment       πŸ”—     πŸ”—
employer_application_now category Policies       πŸ”—   πŸ”—  
employer_application_togs category Policies       πŸ”—      
employer_application_deferral category Policies       πŸ”—      
self_application_now category Policies       πŸ”—   πŸ”—  
self_application_togs category Policies       πŸ”—      
self_application_deferral category Policies       πŸ”—      
self_application_tozo category Policies       πŸ”—   πŸ”—  
self_grekening category Finances       πŸ”—      
self_used_apa category Finances       πŸ”—      
self_used_guarantee category Finances       πŸ”—      
self_used_go category Finances       πŸ”—      
self_used_qredits category Finances       πŸ”—      
self_used_loan_fund category Finances       πŸ”—      
p_employer_application_now3 int Policies           πŸ”—  
p_self_application_now3 int Policies           πŸ”—  
p_self_application_tozo3 int Policies           πŸ”—  
change_empl category Finances       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—  
change_selfempl category Finances       πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—  
change_unempl category Finances           πŸ”—  
job_before bool Employment           πŸ”—  
work_change_because_corona bool Finances       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
month_lost_job Ordered Categorical Finances       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
year_lost_job object Finances       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
workplace_pot_distance Ordered Categorical Employment       πŸ”—      
e_retirement_202002 Int Finances 202002     πŸ”—      
e_retirement Int Finances       πŸ”—      
retire_early_reason category Finances       πŸ”—      
retire_later_reason category Finances       πŸ”—      
p_year_employee_keep int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_employee_keep_gov int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_employee_new_job int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_employee_unemployed int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_employee_other int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_selfempl_normal int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_selfempl_fewer int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_selfempl_helped_by_gov int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_selfempl_shutdown int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_selfempl_other int Employment   πŸ”—   πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_selfempl_normal int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_selfempl_fewer int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_selfempl_helped_by_gov int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_selfempl_shutdown int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_selfempl_other int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_unemployed_job int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_unemployed_educ int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_unemployed_looking int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_unemployed_not_looking int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_3m_unemployed_other int Employment       πŸ”—   πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_unemployed_job int Employment           πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_unemployed_educ int Employment           πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_unemployed_looking int Employment           πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_unemployed_not_looking int Employment           πŸ”— πŸ”—
p_year_unemployed_other int Employment           πŸ”— πŸ”—
e_pension_cut Ordered Categorical Finances       πŸ”—      
e_amount_pension_cut int Finances       πŸ”—      
activities_give_money Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_save_more Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_more_care Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_less_care Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_postpone_doctor Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_postpone_hospital Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_postpone_pickup_meds Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_less_physio Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_move_less Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_eat_healthy Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
activities_lonely Ordered Categorical Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_no bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_garden bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_shopping bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_purchases bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_detour bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_contacts bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_care bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_volunteering bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_medical bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_other bool Behavior       πŸ”—      
outside_other_str object Behavior       πŸ”—      
have_children_prim_school bool Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
have_children_sec_school bool Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
no_children_prim_sec_school bool Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
amount_children_primary Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
amount_children_sec Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
first_primary_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
first_primary_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
second_primary_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
second_primary_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
third_primary_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
third_primary_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fourth_primary_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fourth_primary_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fifth_primary_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fifth_primary_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
first_sec_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
first_sec_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
first_sec_level category Background       πŸ”—      
first_sec_class Ordered Categorical Background       πŸ”—      
second_sec_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
second_sec_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
second_sec_level category Background       πŸ”—      
second_sec_class Ordered Categorical Background       πŸ”—      
third_sec_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
third_sec_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
third_sec_level category Background       πŸ”—      
third_sec_class Ordered Categorical Background       πŸ”—      
fourth_sec_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fourth_sec_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fourth_sec_level category Background       πŸ”—      
fourth_sec_class Ordered Categorical Background       πŸ”—      
fifth_sec_gender category Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fifth_sec_birth Int Background       πŸ”— πŸ”—    
fifth_sec_level category Background       πŸ”—      
fifth_sec_class Ordered Categorical Background       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child1_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child2_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child3_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child4_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_prim_child5_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child1_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child2_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child3_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child4_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_school Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_digitals Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_study_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_study_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_reading_alone Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_reading_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_play Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_play_adult Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_chores Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_rest Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_other Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_school_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_digitals_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_study_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_study_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_reading_alone_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_reading_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_play_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_play_adult_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_chores_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_rest_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
hrs_sec_child5_other_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child1_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child2_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child3_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child4_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_prim_child5_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_books Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_toys Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_tutoring Int Childcare       πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child1_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child2_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child3_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child4_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_books_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_toys_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
spending_sec_child5_tutoring_202002 Int Childcare 202002     πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_go_uni_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_go_uni_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
support_earn_well_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
material_earn_well_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_prim_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_prim_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_prim_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_prim_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_prim_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_sec_child1 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_sec_child2 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_sec_child3 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_sec_child4 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_mental_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_friendships_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_dutch_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_grades_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_college_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
impact_career_sec_child5 Ordered Categorical Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child1_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child2_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child3_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child4_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_prim_child5_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child1 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child1_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child2 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child2_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child3 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child3_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child4 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child4_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_email_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_phone_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_post_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_media_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_platform_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_pickup_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_none_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child5 bool Childcare       πŸ”—      
teacher_other_sec_child5_str object Childcare       πŸ”—      
hpay_situation category holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount Int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_norm Int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_merge Int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_freetime_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_basicneeds_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_entertainment_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_durables_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_house_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_saving_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_transfer_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_other_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_sum_202002 int holiday pay 202002       πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_freetime int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_basicneeds int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_entertainment int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_durables int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_house int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_saving int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_transfer int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_other int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
hpay_amount_sum int holiday pay         πŸ”—    
e_2m_findoldjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
e_6m_findoldjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
e_2m_findjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
e_6m_findjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
l_findoldjob_rel Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
impact_corona_findoldjob Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
finoldjob_wage_rel Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
e_2m_findcurrentjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”—    
e_6m_findcurrentjob Int Beliefs         πŸ”—    
e_2m_findjob_merge Int Beliefs         πŸ”—    
e_6m_findjob_merge Int Beliefs         πŸ”—    
l_findcurrentjob_rel Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
impact_corona_findcurrentjob Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
findcurrentjob_wage_rel Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
support_childcare_open Ordered Categorical Childcare         πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
support_primary_open Ordered Categorical Childcare         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
support_cafe_open Ordered Categorical Public Life         πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
support_transport_rules Ordered Categorical Public Life         πŸ”— πŸ”— πŸ”—
support_sports_rules Ordered Categorical Public Life         πŸ”—    
support_workplace_rules Ordered Categorical Public Life         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
support_nightclubs_close Ordered Categorical Public Life           πŸ”—  
avoid_cafe Ordered Categorical Behavior         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
avoid_theater Ordered Categorical Behavior         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
avoid_public_transport Ordered Categorical Behavior         πŸ”— πŸ”—  
avoid_gym Ordered Categorical Behavior         πŸ”—    
duration_open_schools Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
duration_open_cafes Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
duration_no_masks_transport Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
duration_sports Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
duration_no_measures_workplace Ordered Categorical Beliefs         πŸ”—    
seeking_intensity category Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_search_same category Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_not_lose_job bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_not_change_job bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_corona bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_cant_find_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_empl_other_str object Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_study bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_household bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_incapacitated bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_rentier bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_retirement bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_impact_corona bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_cant_find_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_corona_not_safe bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
no_search_other_str object Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_loss_corona bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_loss_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_temporary bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_earn_more bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_conditions bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_side bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_less bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_more bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_unhappy bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_security bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
search_home_home bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
reason_seeking_other_str object Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_ad bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_placed bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_employers bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_relatives bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_labor bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_agency bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_internet bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_coach bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_follow bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_other bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_none bool Job Search         πŸ”—    
applied_job Int Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_none_reason category Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_hours Int Job Search         πŸ”—    
seeking_wage Int Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_flexible_hours Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_salary Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_contact Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_no_contact Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_homeoffice Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_security Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_travel_time Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_transport Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_flexible_hours_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_salary_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_contact_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_no_contact_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_homeoffice_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_security_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_travel_time_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
job_important_transport_merge Ordered Categorical Job Search         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_prim_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_prim_child1 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
cc_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_sick_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infect_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infect_hh_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_household_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_closed_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_no_place_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_dont_use_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_prim_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_str_prim_child1 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_prim_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_prim_child2 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
cc_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_sick_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infect_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infect_hh_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_household_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_closed_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_no_place_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_dont_use_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_prim_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_str_prim_child2 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_prim_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_prim_child3 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
cc_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_sick_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_hh_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_household_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_closed_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_no_place_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_dont_use_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_prim_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_str_prim_child3 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_prim_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_prim_child4 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
cc_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_sick_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_hh_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_household_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_closed_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_no_place_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_dont_use_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_prim_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_str_prim_child4 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_prim_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_prim_child5 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
cc_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_sick_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_infected_hh_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_household_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_closed_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_no_place_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_dont_use_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_prim_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_cc_other_str_prim_child5 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_sec_child1 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_sec_child1 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_sec_child1 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_sec_child2 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_sec_child2 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_sec_child2 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_sec_child3 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_sec_child3 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_sec_child3 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_sec_child4 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_sec_child4 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_sec_child4 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_mo_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_tue_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_wed_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_thu_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_start_fr_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_mo_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_tue_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_wed_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_thu_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
school_end_fr_sec_child5 float Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_mo_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_tue_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_wed_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_thu_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
not_fr_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_sick_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_infect_hh_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_exempt_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_household_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_sec_child5 bool Childcare         πŸ”—    
no_school_other_str_sec_child5 object Childcare         πŸ”—    
seeking_job bool Job Search           πŸ”— πŸ”—
seeking_diff_profession bool Job Search           πŸ”—  
seeking_diff_profession_str object Job Search           πŸ”—  
change_proff_job category Job Search           πŸ”—  
change_proff_education category Job Search           πŸ”—  
flushot2020 bool Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flushot2019 bool Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flushot_ever bool Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
inflvacc2020_reason_yes category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
inflvacc2020_other_yes object Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
inflvacc2020_reason_no category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
inflvacc2020_other_no object Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
inflvacc2020_prob float Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
invite2020 category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
invite2019 category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
invite_ever category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
invite_means category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flushot_past10y category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flu_health_concern category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flu_vaccine_effective category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
flu_vaccine_safe category Influenza Vaccine             πŸ”—
support_curfew Ordered Categorical Policies             πŸ”—
support_close_cc_some_schools Ordered Categorical Policies             πŸ”—
support_close_cc_all_schools Ordered Categorical Policies             πŸ”—
worked_past_3m bool Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_september float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_october float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_november float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_september float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_october float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_november float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_pre_corona float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_expected_post float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_workplace_preferred_post float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_pre_corona float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_expected_post float Employment             πŸ”—
hours_home_preferred_post float Employment             πŸ”—
hh_income_202009 float Finances             πŸ”—
hh_income_202010 float Finances             πŸ”—
hh_income_202011 float Finances             πŸ”—