q16b – TOGS

q16b – TOGS

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Routing to the question depends on answer in: EmploymentStatus – Work Status

To the best of your knowledge, has your employer submitted an application for the Covid-19 Entrepreneurs Affected Sectors Tegemoetkoming (TOGS)? The TOGS is an emergency measure to support entrepreneurs who are directly affected by the coronavirus. They can receive a one-off sum of 4000 euros to pay their fixed costs (e.g. rent of a business premises).

– Yes, the application has been granted

– Yes, but the application was rejected

– Yeah, but I don’t know if the application’s been granted yet.

– No, but I think my employer is going to do this

– No, I don’t think it’s necessary

– No, I don’t think it’s possible

– I don’t know.


q16a – NOW | q16c – Tax Deferral