v3_vokind – Reasons no Kindergarden Attendance

v3_vokind – Reasons no Kindergarden Attendance

v2_vokind – Times Attendance Kindergarden

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Why didn’t the child go to the nursery or the childminder? Multiple answers possible..

– Child was sick

– I’m afraid that child gets infected with the coronavirus and gets sick

– I am afraid that because child goes to the daycare or childminder, someone else in the household gets infected and gets sick

– Someone in the household has flu-like symptoms / has the coronavirus, so everyone in the household should stay at home

– after-school care is not yet open, we cannot yet contact the childminder

– there is no place at the daycare or with the childminder

– we make for child not use the nursery or a childminder

– otherwise, namely…


v2_vokind – Times Attendance Kindergarden