Documentation - Wave 6

Documentation - Wave 6ΒΆ

This is the documentation of the LISS Panel questionnaire on the CoViD-19 pandemic that was fielded in December 2020.

The questions are documented in Dutch and English. The table of contents below contains overviews of the questions in both languages. The questions are ordered according to their appearance in the questionnaire or according to topic. The overview pages link to every question. Each page contains the question and a screenshot from the questionnaire as it was shown to respondents.

In this questionnaire, individuals were asked recurring questions about their opinions on health, behaviors and beliefs about Covid and flu vaccines, mental health, employment status, income, macroeconomic expectations, support for government policies and avoidance of activities. The questionnaire also contained detailed questions about job search activities and if the respondant is searching for work in a different profession and the activities that she is taking to make this possible.