v2ct – Household Expenditures

v2ct – Household Expenditures

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For each type of expenditure, can you fill in how many euros your household spends on average per month?

  • If your household has no expenditure in a certain category, please fill in a 0.
  • Give you the best possible estimate, even if you do not know the exact answer.
  • You can only enter amounts in whole euros here.

How many euros does your household spend on average per month?

mortgage: interest plus redemption


utilities: (heating/ electricity/ water/ telephone/ internet/ etc./ but NO insurance)

transport and vehicles: (public transport; own car: petrol/diesel and maintenance, but NOT insurance or the purchase of e.g. a car or (motor) bicycle

insurance: (premiums for home insurance/ car insurance/ health insurance, etc.)

childcare ( day-care/ out-of-school care/ host-parent care/ homework support etc.)

alimony and financial support for children who do not (or no longer) live at home

debts and loans (not mortgages)

excursions and holidays with the whole or part of the family

expenditure on cleaning and upkeep of the house (including VVE contribution) or maintenance of the garden

indoor nutrition (food/ drinks/ sweets/ etc.)

outdoor nutrition (restaurants/ canteen/ takeaway/ etc.)


donations (gifts/contributions/ inheritance to (grand)children / family/ acquaintances/ institutions/ charities/ etc.)

school fees (including tuition fees as applicable and costs for school supplies such as books/ exercise books/ pens/ software/ etc.)

medical care and health spending which are NOT paid for by the insurance (medicines/ physiotherapy/ dentist/ hospital expenses/ maternity aid/ glasses/ hearing aids/ etc.).

technical equipment/ software and subscriptions (laptops/ computers/ software/ smartphones/ TVs/ streaming services/ TV channels/ etc.).

other expenses



intro3 – Intro 3: Household Expenditures | v2at – Household Expenditures Corrections/Unanswered